Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Manicures

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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you're all getting more treats than tricks! This year I did a bunch of Halloween manicures that I want to share with you. 

Vampire Nails

I got this idea from Zoya, and absolutely love it. I used a base of Zoya Sooki than did the gradient with Sooki, Claire, and Raven.  I finished it off with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.  I am so happy with how this turned out! It's the best gradient I've done, and it's my favorite of my Halloween manis!

Blood Splatter Nails

For this blood splatter mani I used a base of Rica Whiteout and then with a straw I blew the blood splatters onto my nails using Zoya Riley.  I had seen this technique used before and had always wanted to try it. It's messy, but I loved how they turned out. 

Ghost Nails

For my ghost nails I used Rica Whiteout, Essie Licorice, Sinful Colors Citrine, and Zoya Purity. The ghost was done freehand with nail art brushes, and the dots/eyes were done with dotting tools. 

Frankenstein Nails

I saw a manicure like this that @mybelovednails did on Instagram, and thought it was a great idea for Halloween nails. I loved the Frankenstein's monster nails with a bride of Frankenstein accent and wanted to recreate it. I used Zoya Mitzi, Dovima & Purity and finished with Butter London Matte Finish topcoat. 

Friday the 13th Nails

Friday the 13th was my favorite horror series growing up so I knew I wanted to do a manicure in its honor.  I decided to do blood drips with a Jason Vorhees accent nail. I know my blood drips need some practice, but I love how Jason tuned out. I used Rica Whiteout, Zoya Sooki, and Essie Licorice to achieve this look. 

Candy Corn Nails

I wanted to do something different for my candy corn nails so I decided to do a gradient using Rica Whiteout, Zoya Pippa and Sinful Colors Citrine. Obviously I had some issues cause the white tops of the candy corn didn't show up in the gradient. For my accent nail I hand painted little candy corns over a base of Zoya Raven. I'm not a fan of candy corns, but I thought the were the perfect Halloween candy to use for a mani idea. 

Jack-o-Lantern Nails

I saw these Jack-o-Lantern nail decals from Lacquer by Lissa and knew I had to have them! I started with a base of Rica The Great Pumpkin, painted on black dots using Essie Licorice, and when the dots were dry I placed the decals on using tweezers. I really love these decals & the polish is absolutely gorgeous, but I think next time I use these decals they'll be over another base. 

Mummy Nail

Finally, I have my mummy nail for you. I wanted to do an entire manicure with mummies, but the only nail I was happy with was my thumb. He was just too cute not to share with you though. I used OPI Skull & Glossbones, Essie Licorice, and Zoya Purity to create this freehand mummy! 

I had a lot of fun doing all these different Halloween manicures. Have you done any Halloween inspired nail art? What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Thanks for reading!

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