Monday, September 14, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative- September 2015: Pets

*purchased by me*

Hey there!  Today I have for you my second post in The Nail Challenge Collaborative September Pets theme. One animal I always wanted for a pet was a turtle so I had to do them for one of my posts! 

I used all Zoya polishes to create this look.  For the shells I started with a base of Charli then I freehand painted on the shell spots with Tilda.  On my accent nail I started with a base of Blu and used the same colors as the shells to paint the turtle.  I used a dotting tool and Raven to paint his eyes.  

Turtles have always been one of my favorite animals. They're just so cute!, but they're a lot of work so that's why I never had one.  I would still love one as a pet, but I'll have to stick to my stuffed animal turtle! 

I'm so happy with how this turned out.  I'm not the best at freehand nail art so it's a great feeling when something turns out how you envisioned it.  I hope you like it as much as I do! 

What's one animal you always wanted as a pet? Do you think you'll ever own one? 

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stardust Polish Sophie

*purchased by me*

Hey there! Today I have a gorgeous polish for you.  This is Stardust Polish Sophie, and the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it! 

Sophie is a deep burgundy creme with intense indigo flash.  In one word it's stunning!  

This is three thin coats with topcoat.  I could have gotten away with two coats, but I wanted it to be completely opaque.  I will be honest the color definitely got darker with each cost so if you want more of a reddish color I would recommend two coats.  

The formula on this polish was great. I sometimes have a hard time doing thin coats, but not with this polish.  I had a little bit of dragging, but that was my own fault for not having enough polish on the brush.  

I really love this polish. I don't want to take it off.  It's perfect for work and play!  Drema from Stardust Polish knocked it out of the park with this one! 

You can purchase this polish HERE.  Please like Stardust Polish on Facebook and follow on Instagram.  If you're a fan of this polish or others from this brand feel free to join the Facebook Fan Group HERE.  

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Pink Sugar Sunsets

*purchased by me*

Hey there!  Today I have for you a gorgeous polish from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer called Pink Sugar Sunsets

Pink Sugar Sunsets is a bubblegum pink creme with rainbow iridescent micro glitters and aqua shimmers.  This is two coats plus topcoat. 

Each month Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer does a Destination Duo collaboration with another indie maker. The polishes are based on a photo from one of the makers' vacations.  This was from the May box and based on Sugar Beach in St. Thomas.  

I really love the shimmers in this polish which you can see well in the picture above.  This polish is so beautiful. I didn't want to take it off my nails! 

Have you gotten any of the Destination Duo boxes?  Which was your favorite?
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer polishes can be purchased HERE.  Please like her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative- September 2015: Pets

*purchased by me*

Hey there! September's theme for The Nail Challenge Collaborative is Pets! I did polar bear and penguin nail art last winter and loved doing them so I figured I'd have a lot of fun with this theme.  I don't own any pets so my posts will be based on pets I've had in the past or animals that other people have as pets.

The first pet I decided is bunny rabbits.  I knew I wanted them to look like this, but did watch a YouTube tutorial from cutepolish.  I started with my basecoat, and used Rica Whiteout and Essie Raise Awareness and Mink Muffs to create my bunny nails then I finished them with topcoat.  Aren't they so cute! 

Here is a macro shot. You can see it's not perfect, but I'm still happy with how they turned out.   Cute little bunnies make me happy and there are a bunch that live around my apartment complex so they're like pets that I don't have to take care of! Lol! 

Overall I'm happy with how these turned out. I know they're not perfect, but they are cute!  This is also a great use of negative space in a mani.  

What do you think about my bunny nails? Did you or do you have any pets? What kinds? 

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative - August 2015: Jewelry

*purchased by me*

Hey there! Today I have my fourth and final post for The Nail Challenge Collaborative August Jewelry theme. I have a thing for sapphires and love the way they look in jewelry so this mani is based on them.  I found this picture when searching and thought it looked really cool so this is my inspiration for my nail art. 

I started with two coats of Glam Polish Storm which is a beautiful indigo blue ultra holographic with violet and indigo glass flecks.  I love this polish so much. I wore it for four days before adding the nail art.  I don't normally wear a polish for more than one or two days so that says a lot. 

I did freehand lines to look like the center of the stone.  They came out a lot thicker than I planned, but still symbolize what I was going for.  I used an Art Club by Color Club white striping polish to create this look. I finished it up with topcoat and was good to go! 

Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I don't wear a lot of jewelry.  I think my looks turned out good though for this theme.  

September's theme is pets which I have some fun ideas planned for.  Stay tuned to see what I come up with!
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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative - August 2015: Jewelry

*purchased by me*

Hey there! Today I have for you my third post for The Nail Challenge Collaborative August Jewelry theme.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but when I do it's typically Irish.  I used to have a Celtic knot necklace similar to the picture above so I decided to do my third post based on it. 

I started with a base of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer BEGL Go Bragh. This was a limited edition polish Julie made a couple of years ago for St. Patrick's Day.  I figured a polish made for an Irish holiday was perfect for this look. This is two coats. 

Since my necklace was sterling silver I decided to use a polish that looked similar.  I stamped with Zoya Geneviev and MoYou London Festive 21 plate. I love this plate because it's all Irish and St. Patrick's Day themed. 

It's hard to do jewelry themed nail art when you don't where a lot of jewelry. Overall I'm happy with how this turned out though.  I love both of these colors and the image.  

What do you think of this look? What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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