Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Red Coat Tuesday - Fair Maiden Polish High Priestess

*purchased by me*

Hey there! Tonight I have a quick Red Coat Tuesday post for you.  I recently got Fair Maiden Polish High Priestess which is a pink leaning red with gold to pink shifting shimmer and decided it would be a great color to wear for Pretty Little Liars tonight.  You'll see a pic with it more leaning more pink below. 

I don't usually wear gold toned polishes cause they don't look great with my skin tone, but I do think this is very pretty. I love the shimmer in it, and it's unique to my collection. I had a really hard time photographing this to show the actual color, but the colors above are very close.  It is a rather sheer polish so I used three coats and topcoat. 

As I mentioned this polish leans pink and most of my photos looked like this. It's definitely much more red on the nails, but I love the shimmer in this pic so had to share.   

Unfortunately I don't have a PLL recap tonight cause honestly I can't remember what happened at week! Hopefully I'll find this week's episode more memorable! 

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