Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015 The Nail Challenge Collaborative - Flowers

*purchased by me*

Hey there!  I joined a new nail art challenge, The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  Each month the members vote on a theme and have to do four manicures based on it.  Seemed like a fun idea to me so I decided to join. May's theme is Spring Flowers. 

I started with a base of Ellagee Snoozing In The Hammock which is described as a sun-bleached neon periwinkle crime.  It's gorgeous, and I only needed two coats!  

When it was completely dry, I used the toothpick method for flowers that I learned from elleandish on YouTube. I used Ellagee Toes In The Sand and She Sells Seashells plus Rica Whiteout for the flowers, and Ellagee Seaside Cottage for the leaves.  Once it was dry I finished the mani off with Clearly On Top.

The toothpick method is easy and fun for flowers.  HERE is the link to the tutorial I used.  

What do you think of my first Nail Challenge Collaborative mani?  What are some different ways to do flowers?  

Please check out the other bloggers participating in the challenge.  Thanks for reading.  

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  1. OMG thats sooo cute! I love the colors! :)