Monday, July 24, 2017

The Nail Challenge Collaborative: July 2017 - Beach/Ocean

Hey there!  Today I have my third post for The Nail Challenge Collaborative July Beach/Ocean theme.  One of the scariest things about going to the ocean are the sharks so I had to shark nails for this one.  I started with a base of Zoya Cecilia.  Cecilia is a gorgeous teal crème and for this look I did two coats even though you can get away with one.  This color is very pigmented and did stain when I removed it even with basecoat. 

For the shark I found a tutorial on YouTube from Jenny Claire Fox or @missjenfabulous as most people in the nail community know her.  Her tutorial was easy to follow so I went with the simple accent nail for my shark design.  I do wish that I followed her idea of using a light blue for the nail with the shark so it stood out more because I feel it blends in too much with the teal base color.

I created the shark nail freehand and used Zoya Tao and Red Door Red, and Rica Whiteout and Blackout.  I used dotting tools for the eyes and a nail art brush for the teeth.  I know this look is not perfect, but it's still cute and you get the idea that it's supposed to be a shark I hope.  It worked out perfectly with this week being Shark Week on Discovery Channel as well! 

Do you watch Shark Week?  Have you done shark nail art?

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