Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Red Coat Tuesday Featuring Rica This Heart Of Mine

*purchased by me*

Hey there and Happy Tuesday! It's almost time for Pretty Little Liars, and I can't wait!  This week's Red Coat Tuesday post features This Heart Of Mine by Rica

This Heart Is Mine is a bright red holographic polish. It was released as a limited edition as a portion of the proceeds benefit the America Heart Association. I love buying a polish for a good cause, and when it turns out this gorgeous it's even more worth it. 

This is two coats of This Heart Of Mine plus topcoat. The formula was great and really easy to use. 

Now, the point of Red Coat Tuesday is because Pretty Little Liars is on so let's talk about last week's episode. Spoiler Alert in case you haven't watched yet! Alison was offered a plea bargain if she named one of the liars as her accomplice.  Aria, Emily, and Ezra searched more into who Varjak is. Caleb talked Hanna into coming clean to Tanner about everything, but "A" hacked into her phone and erased everything causing Hanna to get arrested as an accomplice to Mona's murder. 

So do you think that Ali should have taken the plea? Who do you think Varjak is? What will happen with Ali and Hanna both in jail? Will they team up?  
With only three episodes left of the season and the big "A" reveal coming soon I know tonight's episode will be great! 
Thanks for reading!

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