Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Red Coat Tuesday - Pahlish Blood On The Mountain II

*purchased by me*

Hey there!  I'm so excited that we've decided to continue with Red Coat Tuesday now that Pretty Little Liars is back on.  To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this season yet, but I do love the show so I was happy to participate again! 

I've also been doing an alphabetical untrieds challenge which is just a personal challenge I started to make myself change my polish more often and to get through more untrieds. Each day I wear a new color, and I select them alphabetically by brand.  For my "P" post I selected Pahlish Blood Of The Mountain II which fit perfectly for Red Coat Tuesday. 

Blood Of The Mountain II is a beautiful garnet red jelly with a mix of pink and gold flakes and scattered holographic flakes. It's stunning!  I definitely see this color as a shade one of the liars would wear!  

Pahlish has become one of my favorite indie brands.  I think that her finishes are stunning and the flakes in this polish are no exception.  Also, you can't go wrong with a nice dark red polish! 

SPOILER ALERT (for those of you not caught up): For a long time I thought Ezra was A, and now it seems to be pointing in that direction again. I don't think it's him though.  I'm not sure who murdered Charlotte, but it doesn't feel like it's Ezra to me.  Also, what the hell is going on with Spencer and Caleb? Whatever it is, it's not right! 

What do you think of this season? Any idea who killed Charlotte? Thoughts on the Spencer/Caleb storyline? 

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