Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rica Polish

*press sample*

So this review is long overdue, but I want to share with you some amazing polishes from a friend of mine.  Rica Polish is a rather new and up and coming indie brand.  If you haven't checked out these polishes you need to.  There is a great selection of colors and finishes to keep every polish fan happy.  Today I'm reviewing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Namaste, Summer Mint, and Shipwreck Siren.  

First up: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (from the 80's To The Max collection)

I'm going to start with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - cause of course we all do!  This is a thermal, color shifting, polish which goes from pink when warm to purple when cold with a holo shimmer.  

This is the normal state that I could capture in my house.  My tips were always a little colder than the base of my nails. 

This is the purple when cold.  This color was so much fun!  I'm sad I couldn't get a great transition photos.  All pictures are 3 coats of Rica Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 

Next up is: Rica Namaste (from the Inner Bliss collection)

Namaste is absolutely gorgeous so I was so excited to receive this one to review.  I had it on my wish list for a long time.  It's described as a lavender crelly with a sprinkle of violet, green and holo silver glitters.  

My 6 year old nephew loves helping me pick out nail polish and when he saw this one he said I love the purple and green glitters in it.  Sadly with the lighting I had (overcast was not helping) I won't say these photos are true to life color wise, but this is so pretty.  It's a little lighter, almost more periwinkle in real life.  2 coats were used for these photos.  

Next up is: Summer Mint

Summer Mint is one of Rica's stamping polishes.  These are one coat creme polishes that are made to be used to stamp.  Sadly, I don't have decent stamping plates so couldn't show how awesome it is, but I love this color as a creme so decided to wear it that way.  Summer Mint is a gorgeous bright pastel green.  It's really hard to describe!  Everyone needs this polish though!

I added some chevrons using Rica Whiteout just for fun!  I had purchased Whiteout to have a one coat white polish and thought they would look great together.  I was right!  These pics are 2 coats of Rica Summer Mint although only one coat was needed.  

Next up is: Shipwreck Siren (from The Ocean Breathes collection)

This was by far my favorite of the group, but it was so hard to narrow them down.  Rica Shipwreck Siren is described as a sultry violet with intesnse pink-red shimmer.  It's absolutely stunning!  Ricarda knocked this one out of the park!  

Even indoors in artificial lighting it's gorgeous!  

And just for fun I added some pink stars as an accent nail.  These pics are two coats of Shipwreck Siren.  

These are the first polishes I was sent to review, and all I can say is I love them all!  The formula and dry time are fantastic.  Plus, just look at how gorgeous these colors are.  Rica Polish is one of my favorite indie brands and should be one of yours too!

All polishes used one coat of Nailtiques Formula 2 and Zoya Get Even as basecoats, and Rica Glossy Glam as a topcoat.  You can purchase these polishes in the Rica Etsy shop and please follow her on facebook