Monday, August 1, 2016

The Nail Challenge Collaborative - July 2016: 80's

*purchased by me*

Hey there!  Today I have my fourth post for July's 80's theme for The Nail Challenge Collaborative. Who doesn't think of big hair when they think of the 80's and what helped to keep our hair so big? Aqua Net hairspray of course! My final post for the 80's theme is based on the Aqua Net can. 

I started with a base of three coats of Picture Polish Salt Water.  Salt Water is an aqua jelly with scatter holo. It's such a gorgeous color and has quickly become one of my favorite polishes. 

I used a white Art Deco nail striper by L.A. Colors to create the lines on the can which are supposed to look like a hair net.  I thought I had a stamp that matched the design, but didn't so I ended up doing the lines freehand.  

Growing up in the 80's I had feathered hair and would at times tease it to make it bigger.  Aqua Net was always my go to hairspray to keep my hair big! Although it doesn't look exactly like an Aqua Bet bottle I am happy with how this look turned out. 

I had so much fun with the 80's theme.  August's theme is neons which will be fun too!  I'm looking forward to trying some new things in August! 

What was your favorite of my 80's looks?  What would you like to see me do for neon nail art? 
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