Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red Coat Tuesday featuring Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Dawn Breaks and Hypothermia

Hey there! It's almost time for Pretty Little Liars, and you know what that means...it's Red Coat Tuesday!  

First off, about last week's episode (Spoilers).  Hanna's Dad was really kind of a jerk to her. He should have had money for his actual daughter to go to college not just his step daughter.  Also, I still think Jonny is shady and gonna cause more harm than good. We shall see! 

For my Red Coat Tuesday mani I used Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Dawn Breaks (which a friend bought for me) and did an accent nail of Hypothermia (which I got free with the Spark in the Dark collection). Dawn Breaks is a beautiful red linear holo with gold and purple shimmers. Hypothermia is a limited edition polish that is a purple holo with purple shimmers. I thought these two paired nicely together! 

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Any thoughts on Pretty Little Liars? What do you think will happen tonight?
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Ahhhh I love hypothermia! I mean I love everything from BEGL but I think that's my fave! Gorg job

  2. Hypothermia is really gorgeous! The mani looks great!

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  3. Very pretty! Hypothermia is especially amazing.. *_*